The Public Administration Act

The Public Administration Act (Chapter 497 of the laws of Malta) defines, in article 21, the merit principle in regard to appointments to public office. Title 1 of Part III of the Act speaks about the Merit Protection Commission, with article 32 assigning the Public Service Commission the role of Merit Protection Commission. The subsequent articles of this Title define the functions of the Commission, and bestow upon it powers of investigation and remedy in cases of breaches related to appointment of employees in public authorities, agencies and other public sector bodies outside the Public Service. 

Article 30 of the Act also provides for the extension to the Public Service of the powers assigned to the Merit Protection Commission.  However, these provisions have not yet come into force. Moreover, in virtue of article 31 of the Public Administration Act, the Commission is also empowered to provide safeguards against victimisation of public officers who report any breach of the Code of Ethics or of any other provision of this or any other Act. 

The Public Administration Act (Chapter 497 of the laws of Malta)​