Representations (Selection Processes)

Representations (Selection Processes)

​Applicants who are deemed ineligible by a Selection Board have the right to submit representations in writing to the Public Service Commission to contest the decision of the Selection Board within 5 working days from the date of notification, giving justified reasons.

The Selection Board should ensure that applicants  who are found to be ineligible for a particular call for applications are so informed  and given the reason/s for their ineligibility by quoting the relevant paragraph in the call for applications.

Representations may be made in writing, addressed to the Executive Secretary of the Commission, on  email address  Persons making such representations are to explain clearly the grounds for their representations and submit such supportive documentation as may be necessary for the Commission to consider their claim or complaint.

Further information can be found in the following: 

Manual on Industrial Relations and the Selection and Appointment Process under Delegated Authority in the Malta Public Service​​