About the Commission

About the Commission

The Public Service Commission, or the   PSC as it is commonly known, is an independent statutory body established in terms of article 109 of the Constitution of Malta. The Constitution assigns to the Commission responsibility for staffing and discipline in the Public Service.

The Commission consists of a chairman, a deputy chairman and from one to three other members who are appointed by the President of Malta acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, given after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

The Commission is assisted by its Executive Secretary, who is the head of a small team of public officers that supports the Office of the Commission.

The Commission meets weekly, generally on Thursdays.  Routine business is conducted in advance of the meeting by circulation of files.  During the meetings the Commission focuses on policy issues, objections to selection results on the part of applicants for vacancies, disciplinary cases and other issues where a ruling from the Commission is required.  Meetings may also include oral hearings, particularly with regard to disciplinary cases.

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