Mr. Louis P. Naudi

​​Chairman, Public Service Commission (re-appointed on 18 July 2016)

Louis P. Naudi 

Louis P Naudi is a former public officer.  During his long career he occupied various positions in different areas and at different levels until, in 1997, Mr Naudi was appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Tourism and Culture and Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Tourism. 

In 1993, he was appointed as the first Director General in the Office of the Prime Minister. He was then principally responsible for drafting legislation and the setting up of Local Councils with the overall responsibility for all the departments falling within the Office of the Prime Minister.  He had been previously considerably involved in the setting up of the Public Transport Authority, in the constitutional changes to the citizenship laws and, in the setting up of Malta International Airport Company Ltd.  He was also OPM’s Coordinator on the Malta-EU Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee.

Earlier, in 1979, Mr Louis P Naudi had been appointed Deputy Director of Civil Aviation where he was mainly responsible for the handover of the airport complex from the British Authorities and for the registration of Air Malta’s aircraft in Malta.

He was, at various times, appointed Secretary to the Board of MEDSERV and Director on the Boards of Cargo Handling Company Ltd., Tigne’ Development Company Ltd., Selmun Palace Hotel Company Ltd., Malta International Airport Company Ltd., the Gaming Board and, the Malta Tourism Authority.