The Constitution of Malta

​​The Public Service Commission is an independent body established by the Constitution of Malta.  The nature of its authority is derived from article 121, which speaks about the powers and procedure of Commissions that are established by the Constitution.  The main references to the Public Service Commission are however made in Chapter X of the Constitution, which deals with the Public Service.

In essence, article 109 prescribes the composition of the Public Service Commission, whereas article 110 outlines the primary role of the Commission in giving advice and making recommendations to the Prime Minister regarding the appointments to public offices, the removal of persons from such offices and the exercise of disciplinary control over public officers.​

The Constitution of Malta

Public Administration Act

AN ACT to update and replace the Public Administration Act, Cap. 497,
to affirm the values of public administration as an instrument for the common good,
to provide for the application of those values throughout the public sector,
to provide for the organisation and management thereof,
and to provide for other matters which are consequential or ancillary thereto.

PSC Regulations

​The procedures of the Commission are set out in the Public Service Commission Regulations, and also in the Disciplinary Procedure in the Public Service Commission Regulations. These regulations are made by the Commission with the consent of the Prime Minister in accordance with article 121(1) of the Constitution.

The updated Public Service Commission Regulations:

The Public Service Commission Disciplinary Regulations, 2017

The Public Service Commission (Disciplinary Procedure) Regulations, 1999

 The 1960 Public Service Commission Regulations: